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Gaydio 88.4fmManchester is a pretty gay place. But why? How?

Your Story aims to find out. Gaydio - supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, has been collecting stories from people all across Greater Manchester - charting the history of gay Manchester through the people who have lived it.

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  • Black and white photo of a protestor being arrested

    "People were frightened of police being subversive and trying to get into venues to see what was going on - to see what depths of depravity people were getting up to" - Roy

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  • Three trans men in pink dresses and umbrellas

    "Tremendous change. In the early days when I was out you could get arrested for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace. Particularly if you tried to use the ladies loo - and I'd look a bit stupid dressed like this using the gents! A recognition that trans exists has come about. In the past we were very much a hidden community" - Jenny-Anne

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  • Protestors holding a GAY UNITY banner

    "I've been on all these protest marches to try and get some sort of equality with straight people and to now have Civil Partnerships is huge. I do remember two of my friends got Civil Partnered... we were all in floods of tears because we were happy for them - but also because it was such a big thing politically" Emma

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